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The History of Hodoin Temple

Behind Hodoin Temple is our graveyard, where you can see Imakashima Elementary School. According to ‘the history of Toyosato’, it is said that Hodoin Temple was founded by Dokyo in1292 (Shoo 5), and was restored by Ryoben of Fumonji Temple in 1445 ( Bunan 2 ). During the Kansei and the Kaei era, the temple suffered from a fire twice. The main gate of Hodoin Temple was built in the mid-Edo Period, and its architectural style is said to be based on Hida style. Along one side of the front approach, which leads to the precincts, there are 180 Daishi enshrined. Among them is ‘Togenuki Daishi’, which has been worshiped by people in the neighborhood.

Daishi Buildings

It has been said for a long time that visiting 108 Daishi is as beneficial as going on  Shikoku Pilgrimage ( visiting 88 temples in Shikoku).


Togenuki Daisido Hall and Taishi Hall

This is Taishi, who can get rid of people’s concerns in their mind. Once a year, on New Year’s Day, visitors can see Taishi’s face once a year in their prayer.


Kobo Daishi Memorial Stone Pagoda

The parishioners of HodoinTemple have worshiped Kobo Daishi by setting the memorial stone pagoda, which shows the parishioners have respected and Kobo Daishi.

The Teachings of the Shingon Sect

The Shingon Sect was founded by Kobo Daishi Kukai (774-835). According to the teachings, the belief is ‘ sokusinjobutsu’, which means we have to realize ‘Buddha’s heart’ that we were born with, and become Buddha in this world    

 It is an attitude toward life to face and reconsider yourself profoundly, have a ‘ heart like Buddha’s ‘, ‘talk like Buddha’ and ‘act like Buddha’.


We can realize mitsugonbukkokudo, an ideal world by our following the teachings and enhancing one another.



Shingon Sect is dedicated to Dainichinyorai.

Dainichinyorai is an essential Buddha and has great ability to enlighten everything in the world by using his wisdom and mercy. He never refuses any of the Buddha in Buddhism, and regards each of them as important. Each of the other Buddha is based on Dainichinyorai.

This is why the temples of Shingon Sect have different kinds of the principal images of Buddha. HodoinTemple enshrines Enmei Jizo Bosatsu.



The crest of the Shingon Sect Buzan School is ’‘Wachigai ’, which shows teachings called ‘Bonjohuni’ meaning that the Buddha and all living things including human beings are originally the same beings, not the different beings

Permanent Memorial Service     

Muen Botoke Memorial Stone Pagoda

 If you have muen botoke , who is a deceased person without any surviving relatives to pray for the soul for some reasons, and do not know what to do about the ashes in the future, or want to entrust our temple with the ashes, we hold a memorial service for the soul wholeheartedly. We give a respectful burial with the ashes placed in our memorial hall for muen botoke.

50,000 yen per soul

Memorial Stone Pagoda for Thirty-Three Years

We responsibly continue holding a memorial service for a departed soul for 33 years.

300,000 yen: 1 soul   /  150,000 : 2 souls ( a member of the same family or a relative)

Permanent MemorialStone Pagoda for Ancestors

We keep your ancestor’s ashes and hold a memorial service for the soul permanently. Please feel free to consult with us about the cost.

Funeral in the Main Hall of HodoinTemple


We offer a traditional funeral in the presence of Enmei Jizo Bosatsu in the main hall of HodoinTemple. We accept not only our parishioners, the users of the cemetery of HodoinTemple, but also anyone who belongs to different religions or sects and has no family temple.


We offer a traditional funeral in HodoinTemple, because we believe that a temple should play an important role in holding a funeral. We can hold an ideal funeral with a process of a ceremony for a funeral wake, a funeral and the seventh day after death. We have the idea that the most important thing for the family of the deceased is that they should pray for their departed soul with great gratitude for their ancestors, and then after the funeral, they can take the time to be together and consider their situations. We will never persuade the family of the deceased who has a funeral ceremony at our temple to become our parishioner.

We hold a funeral service in consideration of the situations and feelings of the chief mourner and the family of the deceased. The funeral is held with the way of Shingon Sect by the officiating priest of HodoinTemple.

About the graveyard

Permanent right of use: 100,000 per1㎡ / 250,000 per 1㎡

(A gravestone is not included.)




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Shingon Sect Buzan School Jichisan HoudouinTemple

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We provide a permanent memorial service and a funeral held in HodoinTemple, and the graveyard of our temple for not only Japanese people but also foreign nationals.

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